On 15th July 1950, the Gujarati Seva Samaj Pulau Pinang came into existence when 17 member companies came together to look after the social, cultural and economic interests of the Gujarati community. It was officially registered on 2nd February, 1951. It is the oldest Gujarati society in Malaysia/Singapore. Initially its membership was restricted to Gujarati firms in Penang but its eligibility was eventually passed on to Gujarati adults of both sexes.

The early pioneers came mainly from the state of Gujarat, India at the turn of the 19th century. They were engaged mainly in import/export activities primarily in commodities and later on textiles. They in turn recruited lads from their native villages to work for them here. Industrious as they were,  many became successful and even extended their business to Malacca and Singapore, the main centres of trading prior to World War 2. Through the years, and especially after Penang lost its freeport status in 1977, the entrepreneurial members declined, and this contributes to the reality as to why we see so many professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, executives etc. among our deeply rooted business community.

The presidents have contributed greatly to the well-being of Gujarati Seva Samaj especially its founder

President the later Mr. Himatlal Hariram Bhatt.

The Gujarati Seva Samaj has presently a membership of 120 members and organizes activities for the social, economic and cultural development of the Gujaratis in Penang. Its social programme covers education, sports and moral upliftment of members. It is closely networking with other Gujarati Associations and is one of 15 founder members of the Consultative Goodwill Committee of the state of Penang and a founder member of Gujarati Consultative Goodwill Council.

The Gujarati Seva Samaj has a long and illustrious history of service. Sixty years to be exact! Its takes one project in hand and before it is realized conceives another and thus always remain active in the field of service. Also because of its ideals of service and zealous and enthusiastic nature of the members, it has always been able to achieve its goals. IT operates from Wisma Shri Gujarati 41 Green Hall, a 2 ½ storey building with colorful bright red doors and windows and with a functional hall, well-equipped kitchen and guest rooms.

We therefore sincerely hope and pray that The Almighty will guide us along the right path i.e SAMAJ SEVA to the forefront.


Shashikant Popatlal Gathani PJK,PKT,AMN
Management Committee 2010/11